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self indulgence or not?

sometimes i think blogs are merely self indulgent dribble. i mean, really, seriously, do you care what i'm going to tell you? don't answer that -- i'm actually not fishing for compliments. just reflecting on yet another social media outlet that allows us to peer into another's life without necessarily engaging in that life. ok, that rant aside, i'm playing Saturday morning catch-up which consists of: reading David Wilkerson's last blog catching up on friends' blogs. here's my pick of the morning . Greg Mortenson's Outside interview two back issues of the Economist, including Mike Campbell's obit (I have a morbid appreciation for the Economist's obits) which illustrates continued racial struggles in Zimbabwe if you click nothing else in this list, click this , a link to a summary of a new book on the reversal of globalization -- FASCINATING reading and glad to hear of someone challenging Tom Friedman. The world's NOT flat!

Rtn to land of blogging

I took a bit of a sabbatical from blogging so here's a random list of stuff that's stuck in my head from the past couple days: " Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." ~Bishop of London, in his sermon at the royal wedding, quoting St. Catherine of Siena whose festival day is April 29 Gaddafi's regime supposedly gave Libyan troops Viagra I really like my "gym" I really like my boyfriend , too (a lot more than my gym, actually) A royal wedding is a good reason to wear a tiara ALL DAY LONG! (Thanks to my sis for outfitting this princess.)


yet another example of why i love where i work . . . in honor of administrative professional's day (april 27), steve broke out the champagne during our weekly staff lunch and we celebrated those people in our midst who labor tirelessly to support this work.

Tugging on Heart Strings

Rob Morris , our fearless President, spoke about Love146 at Gateway Church this weekend. A couple vignettes from his trip left their impressions on me. I'll spare you my commentary. After Rob's talk, a high school junior and her parents approached Rob. The girl shared that she's been saving money for college but felt called to give all the money to Love146. Rob looked at the parents, wondering if this was for real. The mother started crying and confirmed that, yes, this was for real. The girl gave Love146 $1,600, emptying her bank account. International Justice Mission ( IJM ) tweeted Rob on his way up to the pulpit to share that IJM just raided a karaoke bar in the Philippines, rescuing 146 ( hmm , interesting number) women and girls held there. This is the kind of partnership we LOVE and the successes for which we praise God.

Tread on Trafficking

Friends, Romans (ok, maybe not Romans but you get the idea), Countrymen, lend me your ears (read: eyes and minds). It's springtime which means it's time to get outside and run, bike, hike, walk, climb, squeeze in a little more skiing, swim, dive, pogo stick, or pick your poison. Love146 has a unique way of focusing our post-cabin fever energy called Tread on Trafficking . You've heard me raving for about a month now about Love146 . I'm Love146's brand new VP of Communications. It's been fun, it's been tough, I've shed tears over commercial sexual exploitation and even a few tears over the challenges of my role itself. But at the end of the day, what Love146 does well is awaken the inner abolitionist in each of us. For me, the inner abolitionist woke up when I realized some of the Nepali street kids with whom I worked so many years ago were victims of sexual exploitation. I pray that dear Minu avoided that fate and survived the hardship of the stre

on a happier note

My dear auntie commented on the darkness of my recent posts. Fear not, life in Sarah-land is actually quite blissful. Today was a lovely example of that . . . Gasping for air and willing my body to do things it doesn't seem to want to do -- this is Crossfit and I'm thankful my mind triumphs over my body. Gratitude for a couple amazing young men that managed to renovate a forgotten garden. Glimpses of a mentor who has poured such prayer, time, love, and care into my life, who has poured forth wisdom into a vessel that doesn't always contain that wisdom but always craves more. Precious moments with a precious Love. Family who recognizes that my definition of "cooking" is directing others to cook; they love me, though they may chide me unmercifully. Philosophical discussions with friend and family on subjects as varied as reincarnation, sexual abuse at the hands of authority figures, Judaism, and lemon cake. Willing spring to come by camping out in front of the fir