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Tugging on Heart Strings

Rob Morris, our fearless President, spoke about Love146 at Gateway Church this weekend. A couple vignettes from his trip left their impressions on me. I'll spare you my commentary.
  1. After Rob's talk, a high school junior and her parents approached Rob. The girl shared that she's been saving money for college but felt called to give all the money to Love146. Rob looked at the parents, wondering if this was for real. The mother started crying and confirmed that, yes, this was for real. The girl gave Love146 $1,600, emptying her bank account.
  2. International Justice Mission (IJM) tweeted Rob on his way up to the pulpit to share that IJM just raided a karaoke bar in the Philippines, rescuing 146 (hmm, interesting number) women and girls held there. This is the kind of partnership we LOVE and the successes for which we praise God.

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