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Startup Day 479

Empowered Together's enterprise pilot is entering its final stages and here's what we've learned: About 20% of my individual touch points have resulted in meeting user's needs engagement of users asynchronously and with me is high engagement of users synchronously and with each other is low So what? Needs directly related to their children brings parents to the table. Community with peers could be a future benefit but it's not what's driving user behavior. For the next month, I'm engaging in customer discovery conversations to better define the problem. I'm endeavoring to answer this question: "What is the job a parent hires Empowered Together to do?" The answer to that question will drive persona creation, then testing the stickiness of the solution with a broader audience, and another pilot. Over the past month, I've wrestled with this process because it feels like returning to square one. The difference, though, is that I'm equipped