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my love/hate relationship

No, this is not the juicy gossip session you may have hoped for, given the title of the posting. HOWEVER, let me tell you how much I love and hate my phone service, Airtel. I picked up my landline phone this evening, expecting, once again, a miscommunication with some Airtel Sales Rep on the other end who would continually say, "Hello? Good evening. Hello? Good evening," after I already responded. Instead, I was greeted by calming music and a pre-recorded message that offered me the option of ordering daily devotionals on my phone. No, I don't want daily devotional calls but the change of tone was appreciated.

the girl who cleans

Well, I'll admit this is rather a mundane picture of my Delhi kitchen. Nothing fancy going on here, just your average gas cylinder below and stove above. I'm lucky to have a fridge on the right and Bisleri bottled water on the left. As the days heat up, the ants increase in the sink and the dust piles up. And that's where today's blog takes off. It's Saturday and in every place I've ever lived, certain Saturdays have been devoted to top to bottom cleaning. I turned down two concerts and a fashion show to keep with that tradition today. And, I'll admit it, my place was in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. As I began scrubbing away (with rubber gloves since I was in for the long haul), the mali or gardener appeared to care for the potted plants (see patio photo two posts down). He commented on how I was working. Next, Sapna, my landlord's maid, appeared and inspected my work, offering suggestions for how I could improve my cleaning techniques