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self indulgence or not?

sometimes i think blogs are merely self indulgent dribble. i mean, really, seriously, do you care what i'm going to tell you? don't answer that -- i'm actually not fishing for compliments. just reflecting on yet another social media outlet that allows us to peer into another's life without necessarily engaging in that life.

ok, that rant aside, i'm playing Saturday morning catch-up which consists of:
  1. reading David Wilkerson's last blog
  2. catching up on friends' blogs. here's my pick of the morning.
  3. Greg Mortenson's Outside interview
  4. two back issues of the Economist, including Mike Campbell's obit (I have a morbid appreciation for the Economist's obits) which illustrates continued racial struggles in Zimbabwe
  5. if you click nothing else in this list, click this, a link to a summary of a new book on the reversal of globalization -- FASCINATING reading and glad to hear of someone challenging Tom Friedman. The world's NOT flat!

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