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what i don't post on facebook

called me paranoid but i'm not posting a big announcement on facebook that i'm off to india for two weeks with John (i.e.; home unattended) so i'll post it here, instead, among friends. :) we leave tomorrow morning.  last night, a couple friends asked if i was already packed.  i wonder, who are these people who pack two days in advance?  i'm packed with almost 12 hours to spare and i call that an achievement, even if 8 of those 12 hours should be devoted to sleep.  still, that's 4 whole hours i could be packing that i won't be.  THAT is definitely an achievement (for me). i did a proust-style interview  today (got a little distracted there as i read Proust's answers -- i wasn't so deep).  when asked what interesting fact i recently learned, i answered, "the GORUCK didn't break my foot."  keep in mind, we're trekking in india.  a broken foot would majorly disrupt our carefully laid plans.  and we don't need my foot disrupting plan