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short shorts and snowballs

I wish you were there because you, too, would have been overcome by infectious laughter of the uncontrollable variety. So, I was at the gym a couple days ago and I got on the elliptical machine next to a man in very short shorts running on a treadmill. I've seen this guy before, running at super-sonic speed while listening to his iPod. The worst/best of it is that he self-motivates while running. Not only does he appear as though he'll go crashing through the wall (or flying off the back of the treadmill) at any moment, but he begins cheering himself on, "Go! Push! You can do it! That's it! Keep it up!"
And that was the moment at which I lost it. I started grinning; I glanced at the runner and he looked back as though nothing was amiss; I started silently giggling. I glanced to the other side and my neighboring ellipticalist was grinning back with a knowing look. I closed my eyes and pictured sobering, terrible scenes to control myself. I had flashbacks to first grade when I would catch the eye of a friend and we'd start giggling uncontrollably. The only difference between then and now is 20 years. Some things never change.
Now, on to the snowballs. I was SO wishing my brother was in my kitchen this morning because my freezer spontaneously defrosted, leaving piles of slushiness that I began shoveling out, packing into balls, and throwing into the sink. It would have been SO much better if I could have taken target practice. Of course, as usual, I would have been the better (read: more frequently hit) target but it's always fun to instigate these things with my siblings.

memorable, indeed

What's going on? Yeah, I asked the same question when I saw a fistful of balloons with strings attached. Soon I realized this was meant to be none other than the funnest youth group game invented -- a combination of fancy footwork, loud and surprising noises, and competition. After tying a balloon to my ankle, I prepared for all-out war against my opponents, determined to pop their balloons before someone popped mine. Unfortunately, the birthday girl didn't last long and was relegated to crab walk around, stomping on the balloon's of others. But seriously, how fun are my friends that they brought such a fun game to life again?
Then there was this amazing poi performance, aka fire dancing. Roshini's swinging up a royal celebration in this pic and she was followed by Xav and Kutts. Imagine a rooftop performance, accompanied by the tunes of DJ G and the warm Delhi breeze! Brian and I commented on how other-worldly the experience was. Like I said, my friends know how to have fun.
Oh, so if you scroll down a few posts, you'll read about my camp experience. This was the same crew -- all kids at heart. I'm thoroughly looking forward to spending a couple weeks with them this month as Program Leaders at camp. The poi performance was followed by cake at midnight, once my birthday officially began. Note to self and others: when in India on your birthday someone offers you cake to eat, accept the bite and offer them a bite as well. I overlooked this time-honored tradition, but I think my friends forgave me.
After our fun celebration, a few of us escaped the city madness for a lovely evening at Neemrana Fort-Palace. Built in 1464, this amazing gem played backdrop to a magical evening of watching lightening storms roll across the plains of Rajasthan, taking tea on the rooftop terrace, sipping wine while discussing life, taking a late night dip in the infinity pool, and enjoying delectable granola at breakfast. Fit for a princess!