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random writings

I've been in a mood to write lately but haven't had the time to sit down to the task. The sibling book project requires lengthy periods for deep concentration and, quite frankly, it's hard for me to get the time AND feel up for that kind of concentration. So I'm writing up a couple short stories here instead. I got my eyes dilated yesterday at my first optometry appointment in years. I forgot how that feels. Now I know what it might be like to read a magazine in 30 years, holding it as far away as possible, angling it to get the light just right so I might make out the words. Does anyone else recall dilation playing games with your eyes like this? After the appointment, I went to a client meeting. I get excited about these because they don't happen often. However, my client friend asked me what something on my computer screen said and, once again, I had to lean back and cock my head, trying to make out the words on my screen. Then I went to the gym. I was REALLY t