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Lessons from Miriam

How can a seven week old, like Miriam, teach a 32 year old, like me? In, oh, so many ways! All those things the experienced parents told me about are true.  Of course, my daughter's beautiful and delightful and perfect.  I can stare at her for extended periods of time and be content simply with her lying on top of me as she sleeps.  Miriam wakes once or twice a night, gets fussy only when I consume too much chocolate or in the evenings when over-stimulation from the day catches up with her, and has truly rockstar-worthy hair.  She's a gift.  As a wise second-time parent advised, I realize she's  the gifted one and not I because of how easily she eats and sleeps.  I give thanks now since any future children may not prove so easy. In addition to all the things they told me, there are a few tips I've picked up over the past six weeks. If someone offers me a place to nurse in private, I take it.  Once, I tried nursing in the middle of a party.  The minute I covered

Heads Up

I've had many competing strains of thought and wonderings wandering through my mind over the past many months.  I'm looking forward to writing a series of essays here about each of them, partly to help clear my mind of the things that keep me up at night and partly to provide some insight into what's been going on in life.  Oh, yeah, and partly to help in processing and healing. In no specific order, here's a preview of some upcoming topics: Things I've learned through having a baby of my own Grief observed Pointers on building a startup community Holding roles and titles open-handedly, aka Loose robes