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some good words from Bill Mills

As I work on a book about sibling loss (on a tangential note, I'm thinking of how to re-frame 'sibling loss' because Tim is not lost nor have I truly lost him; our separation is but for a time), I come across good words I want to write about but they just don't fit into the book. I share those words here so others may be encouraged. Everything about our lives flows out of how we view God. If we have a small view of God, we will have small hearts, small relationships, and small ministries. As our view of God becomes bigger, our hearts are set free to flourish and grow. We become children who are secure in the greatness of our God, and the fruitfulness of our relationships and ministries increases. Bill Mills,   Hope for Hurting People , 18

and one more research tidbit

From parents whose children were killed in a car accident that they survived: "Every morning we awake we say, this is one more day to prove the faithfulness of God. Every night we say, we are one day closer to seeing our children again." (Lutzer, 127)


I'm writing a book about sibling loss. To research, I've been reading a lot about grief and about heaven. While the former reading helps me process my experience, it is the latter reading that fills me with hope. Here's a snippet: "And so while your family tends to your funeral, you are beholding the face of Christ. Though the family weeps at your departure, you would not return to earth even if the choice were given to you. Having seen heaven, you will find that earth has lost all of its attraction... You only wish that those you left behind would know how important it was to be faithful to Christ. Looked at from the other side of the curtain, knowing what is now so clear to you, you wish that you could shout to earth encouraging believers to serve Christ with all their hearts. You wish you had grasped this before the call came for you to come up higher." ~Erwin W. Lutzer, One Minute After You Die , p. 98