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food for thought

Actually reading The Economist  for THIS week (if you know me, I tend to get WAY behind on my Economist  reading), I came across a couple articles that are worth sharing: The death of a country : Regarding Syria, this article raises too many questions to cover here but I'll whet your appetite so you click through to read for yourself.  The author calls President Obama and America to take action in Syria.  The author highlight that America is the world's super power.  True?  Well, it's our reputation, at the very least, and as such, the author proffers, we have a responsibility to engage and to engage NOW.  The details of the conflict are sundry and confusing.  This article helps explain the chaos, even if it only raises more questions than it answers. The great experiment : This one may just cause you to rethink your stance on legalization of elicit drugs.  And if you think marijuana's one thing but other elicit drugs are an entirely separate issue, have a read.  Th