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look at the birds

I always intend for these posts to be brief and then verbosity overcomes me. Perhaps this one actually WILL hit the mark. I'd like to tell you a little story about a pair of sisters I know (and I just happen to be one of them). So Lisa receives this gift one day from someone that will remain nameless. It's rather an odd gift for my sister so we adopted it as the family souvenir. Sarah's going to CA? Pack the birds in her ski boot. Lisa's in CO? Leave the birds in a suit jacket. And so the joke continues. This trip, we upped the ante. No longer were the birds left in dark, hidden places. They attained a position with a view as they proudly road atop the dashboard. Yes, they incurred headaches as we took turns a little too quickly and they careened into the windshield. But these were stalwart birds in need of names. We pulled from the nameless ranks to bestow upon them regal names befitting their upwardly mobile positions: Tweet, Chirp, & Hughie. I thought I had "