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a three+ month sabbatical

As you may have noticed, I took a break from blogging. I often say, "life got in the way," or, "life got busy." Just the usual like becoming pregnant, hosting many visiting friends and family, preparing for my husband's Air Force retirement, interviewing for jobs in new locations, and preparing for my sister's wedding. Maybe a bit unusual for all of this to happen all at once but someone mused yesterday that military life tends to be like this. There must be some unwritten rule that you can't move unless you're pregnant or a new parent. The truth is that military life as we know it is coming to an end. This upcoming move marks our final PCS or permanent change of station. By God's grace, we've arrived at a location we're excited about (TBA with final details and all) and trust we'll find a home that suits us. This is one of the final times I'll sit in my new favorite coffee shop, having a "me morning" to write so I thought I'd make it count (briefly). Now, off to pick up lil' Miss Miriam. :)