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on a happier note

My dear auntie commented on the darkness of my recent posts. Fear not, life in Sarah-land is actually quite blissful. Today was a lovely example of that . . .

Gasping for air and willing my body to do things it doesn't seem to want to do -- this is Crossfit and I'm thankful my mind triumphs over my body.

Gratitude for a couple amazing young men that managed to renovate a forgotten garden.

Glimpses of a mentor who has poured such prayer, time, love, and care into my life, who has poured forth wisdom into a vessel that doesn't always contain that wisdom but always craves more.

Precious moments with a precious Love.

Family who recognizes that my definition of "cooking" is directing others to cook; they love me, though they may chide me unmercifully.

Philosophical discussions with friend and family on subjects as varied as reincarnation, sexual abuse at the hands of authority figures, Judaism, and lemon cake.

Willing spring to come by camping out in front of the fire pit, withstanding smoke-induced tears and chilled temps in an effort to usher in warmer days.

Gazing up at stars on a brilliantly clear night.

Life is so good!

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Amy said...

Sweetest Sarah,
Never fear that you must be "always happy". I cannot imagine the horror that you are dealing with every day~the thousands enslaved by no choice of their own...and at such a tender age. It is the human condition at its most evil. The grim reality of victims becoming perpetrators themselves is certainly there. I feel blessed beyond words for our Fathers' Grace allowing me to overcome past hurts so I might help and nurture others.
One word of motherly (Auntily?) advice of which I am certain that you are aware~ compartmentalize. The daily trauma of what you are dealing with will eat you alive otherwise. Love and Blessings to you, my Sarah. God is whirling around you...can you feel Him?