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quick updates

What I notice about the US that differs from India: -warm water comes out of the Hot Water Tap without heating it up in advance -toilets flush automatically, scaring me because I'm not expecting it -the toilet handle is on the left side of the toilet tank We went x-country skiing as a family last night which was good exercise AND good for curing jet lag. I still fell asleep at 9:30 PM and awoke at 3:30 AM before taking some meds to catch a lil more sleep but I'm glad to be back with this crazy, quirky fam.

state sponsored terrorism

I spent some time this afternoon listening to the founder of Alternative Radio . Thankfully, I attended with a friend who was sympathetic to the rage within when we left and who allowed me to "go off" for awhile. Here are some thoughts . . . -This American Alternative wages a war of words against American Imperialism and claims to despise the British yet in the next breath he espouses brotherly love as the solution to the ills of the world. He spoke of how America is "keeping the world safe for hypocrisy" (rather than democracy) yet I sensed a bit of hypocrisy in what he said. -This afternoon's glorification of anti-American sentiment concerns me. If Americans disdain their own country, does it become easier for others to justify their attempts to bring America to its knees? -Haven't we spent enough time groaning about the abysmal foreign practices of America? Haven't recent changes given cause to hope for a brighter future? Am I naive to wish we w

A Day in Delhi

I awoke for an 8AM concall only to learn it's tomorrow. I fell back to sleep & slept 11 hours total. I ignored the trash man's doorbell. I ignored the maid knocking on my bedroom door. My new roomie , Shelli, & I had a good heart to heart after I awoke. I'm catching up on e-mails, photos (click link on right for the latest), blogging, and work. I turned the fan/light fixture washer man away because my broken toilet ran the water tank dry last night so there was no water with which to clean. I filled up the water tank to over flowing when the water came on this afternoon. now shelli & i are planning on ordering in & enjoying the rest of our cloistered existence in delhi ( umm , take a look @ the pic's if you're actually worried that we're cloistered away up here).