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The 18 month old bully

Yesterday, Miriam and I went to a kids' play group. Miriam was standing up on the edge of a plastic pool full of bouncy balls when another girl, sitting amidst the balls, stuck her hand directly into Miriam's face and pushed her away. This happened another two or three times; it wasn't harming Miriam but it wasn't the "gentle touch" I was encouraging the girl to use. The girl's mom had been in the other room with her other daughter. Later, Miriam was standing up on a folding chair and the same girl came up to Miriam and stuck her hand in Miriam's face and pushed. Again, this happened a couple times (the mom was in the bathroom this time) before Miriam started crying. The other girl, surprised, wandered away from the scene of the crime. When I retold my story to Dad, he said, "bullied at 11 months!" I hadn't thought of it that way but, yeah, I guess Miriam was bullied at 11 months by a much larger 18 month old. I tend to roll my eyes w


We were at Daisy's Deli for breakfast this morning. Sitting at the counter were two elderly men and two elderly women. One of the women had The Bible in 366 Days for Women  lying on the counter. This sparked an intense debate over how many days are in one year. The other woman insisted there are 365 days in a year but the men protested, debating amongst themselves whether it was 352 or 355 days. At this point, John announced, "I feel like walking over and ending this all right now." The men then proceeded to list out how many days are in each month. They added up all the days and came up with 366.