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food for thought

I've watched and read a few things over the past week worth passing on. Here's the short list. 1. Sinclair Ferguson: Christ's Message to the Church What a compelling, convicting message for today's church. Skip lamenting the shift of western culture -- what the church needs today is a dose of this stuff! 2. Land of No Use movie My interest in this film stems from its concentration on the land use debate in Montana, particularly lands designated as wilderness. It also features some beautiful backcountry ski scenes. 3. "We have trouble digesting randomness; our brains crave pattern and meaning." ~ The Age of Disbelief , National Geographic March 2015 , p. 40 This quote comes from an article about the proliferation of opinions lacking scientific support (think vaccinations, fluoridation, etc.). While I disagree with some of the article, this quote stood out to me as true in most every sense of human nature.