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family stories

i've been hanging out at home a lot these days, soaking up family time before my departure to far-off shores. i got to hear a couple vignettes today from Dad . . .
back in the day, a church we used to attend invited a liturgical designer to visit in advance of beginning renovations on the church building. the designer took the stage and began, "i want you to dream your wildest dreams for this church." Dad looked at Mom and said, "this is going to be one of the biggest con jobs we've seen."
years ago, a youth organization with which my parents were active planned to hold a meeting to mediate between the youth leader, the local committee, and the leader's manager. Dad left a high-profile dinner that might have lead to more sales for his business to attend the mediation. he anticipated some heated discussion. the committee president got up and began speaking of peace and love. not a single harsh word was spoken.
it's amazing that after 27-1/2 years i'm still hearing new, memorable stories.

settling in?

i still remember my surprise when i returned to CT years ago and my brother's roommate commented that i seemed to be settling into life in CA. "settling in," i exclaimed. "well, maybe chillin," he cautiously responded. "yeah, i'm chillin but definitely NOT settling in." however, tonight i sit in my all-time favorite bedroom, apparently settling in. hey, maybe it's just for the next few weeks but i'm content to settle in for as long as it lasts. all the same, let me share what sarah's version of "settling in" looks like . . .
it all started with one of the infamous hawes family partees, pictured above. we know how to celebrate together, importing people from europe, asia, and the south. next, the happy hiney kids hit the rocks and somewhere along the line Big Man explained how "something can't be the same and be different." profundity abounds! after that, i was desperate for indian food, so some friends dropped in and we made chapatti & channa. i had an indian party this past weekend & enjoyed lots of indian food, though dad made a run for hamburgers once i informed him i would not be buying hamburgers and hot dogs for the occasion. last week, mom & i embarked on a road trip to visit her friend in michigan, stopping to see my middle school teacher and pick up a friend, Chris (pictured), along the way. we scared ourselves in flint while getting gas, learning later that the city has one of the highest crime rates in the country. we stared in amazement at the miles of chemical manufacturing plants in midland. & mom & i rocked out to "california" on the drive home. it's been wicked busy but fun the entire time. i look forward to upcoming trips to dartmouth, the hamptons, & rumney in the next two weeks, so keep posted for more stories!