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Mother Theresa's wisdom

In the developed countries there is a poverty of intimacy, a poverty of spirit, of loneliness, of lack of love. There is no greater sickness in the world today than that one.

it's a brand new day

first off, if you like to meld music with word, play Joshua Radin's "Brand New Day" as you read. we all live in a fallen world where tragedy invades the solace and perfection we endeavor to create -- a perfection that seems so fleeting, shall never exist in this fallen world, and will forever be beyond our abilities to create. we long for that Garden of Eden experience and never quite manage to get there. but we have moments, don't we? moments when the sun is shining and yes, it IS a brand new day.
i've recently taken up Crossfit with vigor and enjoy my Crossfit affiliate's daily repartees that inspire me to run faster, lift more, and complain less, pearls of wisdom often coming via our fearless leader, Lisbeth. the most recent inspiration is to eat the wolf. stop complaining, stop letting the world "eat you" and go out and hunt the wolf rather than being the boy who cried wolf. re-framing is a useful exercise, keeping in mind that this world is seen through 7B eyes everyday from 7B perspectives. you and i can change our perspectives and, wow, it's suddenly a brand new day!

horrendous reading

here @ Love146, we take care in how we communicate prostitution in our own backyards. it's a messy, awful, horrendous business and it surprises even me to read about its realities. here are a couple excerpts from a recent article about a prostitution ring in CT:

"a common theme with every victim is that they came from a dysfunctional home with no positive male role model."

"if you get weepy-eyed about a young girl in Cambodia, why not feel the same way about the girl trafficked from Iowa?"

"His attitude was ‘I was their Jesus and their savior, their knight in shining armor. I gave them food and shelter.’ And he believes it." (comment regarding a pimp's attitude towards the girls he trafficked)

"I went to a psychiatrist and told her my whole story, and she said, ‘Don’t you think you did anything wrong? I can’t help you—you have too many problems.’" (shared by a survivor)

"As of 1999, johns [in Sweden] are punished by up to six months’ imprisonment, traffickers are locked up for 2-to-10-year hits, and prostitutes are offered medical care, education, and housing. As a result, prostitution has been reduced by 50 percent in Sweden, and the purchase of sex, which is understood to be a human-rights abuse, has decreased by 75 percent." (regarding Sweden's Sex Purchase Law)

Motivation to Tread on Trafficking

Today, I read from survivors of sexual exploitation responses to this question: "If you were face to face with God right now and He was listening to you, what would you tell or ask Him?"

May their answers break your heart as they did mine...then cause you to remember that a broken heart is worth celebrating when it changes the world. ~Broken Heart Club

"God, was I a bad child and that is why this happened to me? I know I have done many wrongs against you and I did not obey your commandments, but God, I have suffered so much and I don’t know what to tell you anymore."

"You know, Lord, I am happy because you chose me in this world to provide with trials, but also with hope. Lord...Lord I am both happy and sad I do not know why but I know that you know all."

"God, I really want to change and I ask why is it so hard for me and why does my heart seem so callous and why do I feel so far away from you...I know it’s hard to understand my prayers to you. My heart suffered too much…..I don’t understand myself….something is wrong with me that I can’t accept …….oh God help me….My prayer is all about developing my relationship with you. God, you have done many things in my life. But why, God, do I feel this feeling of loneliness in my heart. I don’t understand. Forgive me Lord please. May you guide my thoughts, heart and lips."


Thanks, Stephanie (VP of Programs @ Love146) for this reminder. "For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him." II Chronicles 16:9

Flying thoughts

Here's a thought I just read somewhere around 30,000 feet (&, no, I'm nowhere near Everest, just on a plane):
"I believe that God is closer to suffering than to happiness, and that finding God in this way brings peace and repose and a strong, courageous heart." ~Bonhoeffer

Other random thoughts on this flight include memories from a blissful 10-day holiday. Here are a few glimpses...huddling (cuddling) on Mt. Snow to preserve body warmth after plunging ourselves into 45 degree water...reminding ourselves how AWESOME we Tough Mudders were as our teeth chattered and our lips matched the blue war paint streaking our faces...discovering how delicious Cara Cara oranges are at the Torrance Farmers' Mkt...searching for some way to encourage a troubled woman on the streets of Pedro...discovering that there are actually "correct" answers when playing Apples to Apples AND that penguins *may* be more graceful than Grace Kelly :) ...plunging into a cold Pacific Ocean after hiking Sandstone Peak...the best date ever in Palos Verdes at sunset...finally, a trip to the Magic Kingdom as a big kid...deciding hiking sand dunes in Manhattan Beach is good for me (I'll skip the push-ups, though, thank you very much)...seeing old friends ranging from rockstar to pilot...dressing up in fairy wings as my fellow spies donned princess and Superman disguises...honoring the marriage of friends and being reminded of the symbolism of rings :) ...dancing the night away with some fabulous people...clear views of Catalina following rains in LA...precious moments with special people.