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Tread on Trafficking

Friends, Romans (ok, maybe not Romans but you get the idea), Countrymen, lend me your ears (read: eyes and minds). It's springtime which means it's time to get outside and run, bike, hike, walk, climb, squeeze in a little more skiing, swim, dive, pogo stick, or pick your poison. Love146 has a unique way of focusing our post-cabin fever energy called Tread on Trafficking. You've heard me raving for about a month now about Love146. I'm Love146's brand new VP of Communications. It's been fun, it's been tough, I've shed tears over commercial sexual exploitation and even a few tears over the challenges of my role itself. But at the end of the day, what Love146 does well is awaken the inner abolitionist in each of us.
For me, the inner abolitionist woke up when I realized some of the Nepali street kids with whom I worked so many years ago were victims of sexual exploitation. I pray that dear Minu avoided that fate and survived the hardship of the streets to create a story of hope. Minu was the original owner of the six silver bangles I've worn on my left wrist for nearly eight years. On my last day in Kathmandu, Minu pulled half of her bangles set off her arm and gave them to me. She gave all she had to give; wearing Minu's bangles is an honor, each clink reminds me there are vulnerable ones on whose behalf we are called to stand and fight.
Part of that fight for me involves my journey here at Love146. Does hearing about commercial sexual exploitation make you really mad? Good! It should! Want to do something about it? Become a Treader yourself and commit to a financial or exercise goal for the months of May and June. If exercise isn't your thing, support me as I tread. I'll be ramping up fundraising efforts over this month but I wanted to get this out there ASAP because it just seems like we need to start doing something, anything to abolish child sex slavery and exploitation.

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