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a favorite song

When you have a quiet moment to yourself, listen to this song . Miriam loves the group performing which led me to discover this balm for the soul. The beautiful Elle whom I've written about previously passed into glory recently. In the wake of her death, the lyrics "learn the rhythms of My grace" struck me. God's grace takes unexpected forms. The rhythm seems syncopated, at best, and cacophony in the midst of tragedy. Slowing to stillness helps us see Him at work. This song also ministered to me this morning as I thought about the future of my little family. We learned last week that John will be taking early retirement in November, leading us into a great unknown ... but God knows. The song asks, "have you been in a hurry," then responds, "I will slow the pace." Once again, slowing to stillness allows me to see God at work within my family. I overlook His grace when I rush about, checking off to-do items, checking in on Facebook, and neglecting