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a couple quotables

"open your eyes to behaviors you've grown used to that [God] wants you to grow out of" ~Colleen Brown, CRM Lent Devotional "[Outside America], people make time for relationships. In America, people make relationships fit time." ~John Houmes

shen yun

sunday evening, i witnessed one of the most precise, amazing performances i've seen. shen yun is masterfully choreographed, performed, and costumed. imagine sleeves that extend yards past a dancer's hands that seem to float and hang mid-air as the dancer throws her arms up. imagine jumps a la rudolf nureyev that end in a perfect landing without even a wobble of one's foot. these dancers were MASTERS. now the really interesting part is that shen yun is also a platform to promote falun dafa . imagine dancers facing a backdrop of a five-story tall buddha. next, the dancers transition off the stage and appear to be flying through the air towards said buddha. i tried to find a video to clarify but all i could find was shen yun promo clips which conveniently omit buddha. as much as i love dance, it's a bit hard to stomach a religious and political agenda cloaked under the guise of protecting 5,000 year old cultural traditions. still, it's great to see dance in st


"A human Savior who is free from original sin and never commits sin Himself remains truly human because sin is not inherent to human identity; rather, sin is a later addition that ' de -humanizes' us. Adam was truly human before he sinned (Gen. 1:26-27)." ~ TABLETALK , Feb 8, 2012 After reading John Eldredge's Beautiful Outlaw recently, I've wondered if I sometimes miss out on God's view of me as a human made IN HIS IMAGE, rather than merely a sinning but saved human. Eldredge is on a mission to get us to experience the playful, disruptive, extravagant personality of Jesus. That book and passages like today's TABLETALK reflection leave me with that niggling feeling that I may be missing out on something . . .