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Thank God for the Americans that honor Veterans and whom honorable Veterans serve. So many online posts today, Veteran's Day, extol the virtues of the people who serve our country. Veterans earn every extolment (yes, that's a real word) through their not only their career but their very lives. I don't mean laying down their lives and dying for this country, though Veterans vow to do that when necessary. Instead, I mean choosing each and every day to serve a country through thick and thin. Veterans do not say, "I disagree with this administration; I'm not serving anymore," nor do they say, "I'm bored with my career; I'm going to leave and reinvent myself." I have the luxury of making those choices. Those serving our country do not. Those who served, did not. Veterans adopt a lifestyle wherein their military service eclipses all aspects of life. Military families experience this when a recall occurs in the middle of the night or the active dut