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Happy Birthday, Rob

Love146's fearless President, Rob Morris, blogs on his birthday. Have a read.

one of the girls

Since becoming slightly obsessed with Crossfit, I've been initiated into a world with a new lexicon, dress code, menu, and the list goes on. When a Facebook post informed us we'd be doing "one of the girls" for our Workout of the Day (aka WOD), I knew to expect some kind of Crossfit benchmark workout that pops up every now and again to serve as a good measurement of improvement over time. Yesterday's WOD happened to be Helen. During the third 400m run, I was feeling it and tried remembering what I'd done the day before. Why were my legs feeling a little like lead?
And then I remembered the girls -- the ones that we work for every single day. The Helens and Graces and Frans out there being purchased and abused every minute. And then I got mad. And then I forgot about my lead-like legs. And then I asked God, "why?" And then I teared up. And then I prayed, "Lord, I don't want to hate and yet I hate what men do to these girls. And for me, one of the girls is 146. And I'll run and kettle bell swing and pull up for her today. And even though 146 will never know, I pray that in some way dedicating this WOD to her will make a difference." And maybe we make sense of the craziness surrounding us by imbuing everyday actions with some sense of greatness and eternal meaning. We recognize that the small internal steps of determination overflow from lives that are staid against injustice and devoted to redemption. When that determination overflows, it changes the world.

As a completely unrelated addendum to this blog, I have to add a bright note about a recent accomplishment. My office staff just watched a friend's band perform on New Haven Green. While our staff sat on bleachers set to the side, one old man in boldly colored pants and shirt danced directly in front of the stage. Matthew dared me to go dance with the man. Matthew doesn't know me. I went and danced. And the BEST part is that the man liked to dance like me, arms flailing, in his own little world.

weekend ramblings

my scuba instructor, lil' john, took particular joy in informing me that i've been a diver for 9 hours now. he also taught me how "the bends" acquired its name. when one undergoes decompression sickness, bubbles may form in the joints causing skeletal pain (i.e.; pain when bending joints). lil' john also shared that the project chief engineer of the brooklyn bridge suffered the after- affects of decompression sickness for the rest of his life following construction of the bridge.

r.c. sproul's lessons are always entertaining. i watched a session tonight where sproul highlighted the human tongue's propensity to inflict wounds on others. for instance, when face-to-face with constructive criticism, it's unlikely that we would say, "ahh, thanks. that's really going to help with my sanctification." why is it that when faced with a knife-wielding maniac, we'd run but when faced with a constructive criticizer who is "speaking the truth in love," we graciously receive those bitter words? on the flip side, our tongues have great potential to build up, encourage, and edify. wield your tongue wisely.

quote of the day

"Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are." ~John Wooden


anyone who knows my family or, more specifically, knows the individuals within my family will appreciate how this tableaux oozes satire. lisa and i were sitting on either side of the kitchen table with a dessert plate between us. forks in hand, we painstakingly shaved away at the treats, consuming, bite by tiny bite, chocolate cheesecake and key lime pie. dad came up to us and held up one of the books i'd intended to read. "Good Calories, Bad Calories," he chided, pointing to the cover of the book. We laughed and continued shaving away.

Memorial Day Weekend Favorites

1. Uncle Kevin's hamburger (yes, that's TOPPING the list!)
2. Memorial Day Trevor Win'E WOD with Mom and Lisa
3. Gini's beautiful bouquet straight from her garden
4. NYCB with Lauren
5. Jozeph's fried tomatoes
6. Mcgolrick Park reverie
7. Van Leeuwen's cinnamon ice cream