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Startup Day 399: Enterprise Pilot Launch

It's finally here -- the day that Empowered Together launches its first enterprise pilot with LOGAN .  By the stats, it's been: 399 days since I started a pilot with individual parents, 195 days since I was introduced to LOGAN, and  25 days since LOGAN and Empowered Together formally agreed upon pilot terms. I'm grateful to have an initial roadmap for enterprise partnerships. Now I have some learnings under my belt about the process, especially regarding timelines, key stakeholders, and roll-out procedures. Reach out if you're curious to learn more. The other element I try to capture herein is the personal and emotional impact of startups on founders. This morning, my daughter gave me a high-five and said, "good job, Mom," when I reminded her today is Launch Day. She gave me a magenta Mardi Gras-like necklace for the day that I'm wearing. A colleague from my Veterans in Residence program messaged me encouragement as did a lifelong friend whom I've con