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the lives of the engaged

a couple disclaimers: 1) it's been awhile. i know and i apologize. 2) this post may be a bit "gushy." when Mom commented that i looked so adoringly at John in some photos posted on Facebook, Dad commented, "that's the way it should be." you probably know John and i are engaged unless, like Charles, you thought John had hurt his leg & i'd reached out for his hand to help him out. yes, Charles was joking. if you didn't hear the retelling of this perfect proposal, you might not realize John and i had thought of getting married atop Mt. Washington. given the logistics involved in planning a wedding atop a mountain known for the world's worst weather, we thought better of it BUT John had an idea. he emailed me that something had come up with work so he wouldn't be able to video skype the Thursday before the July 4th weekend. when i returned home from ballet class that Thursday evening, John was standing in our kitchen! Mom captured th