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Flying thoughts

Here's a thought I just read somewhere around 30,000 feet (&, no, I'm nowhere near Everest, just on a plane):
"I believe that God is closer to suffering than to happiness, and that finding God in this way brings peace and repose and a strong, courageous heart." ~Bonhoeffer

Other random thoughts on this flight include memories from a blissful 10-day holiday. Here are a few glimpses...huddling (cuddling) on Mt. Snow to preserve body warmth after plunging ourselves into 45 degree water...reminding ourselves how AWESOME we Tough Mudders were as our teeth chattered and our lips matched the blue war paint streaking our faces...discovering how delicious Cara Cara oranges are at the Torrance Farmers' Mkt...searching for some way to encourage a troubled woman on the streets of Pedro...discovering that there are actually "correct" answers when playing Apples to Apples AND that penguins *may* be more graceful than Grace Kelly :) ...plunging into a cold Pacific Ocean after hiking Sandstone Peak...the best date ever in Palos Verdes at sunset...finally, a trip to the Magic Kingdom as a big kid...deciding hiking sand dunes in Manhattan Beach is good for me (I'll skip the push-ups, though, thank you very much)...seeing old friends ranging from rockstar to pilot...dressing up in fairy wings as my fellow spies donned princess and Superman disguises...honoring the marriage of friends and being reminded of the symbolism of rings :) ...dancing the night away with some fabulous people...clear views of Catalina following rains in LA...precious moments with special people.


Kelly said…
precious moments indeed!
J. Spear said…
That is a great encapsulation of the 10 days. So many great memories and I'm glad that I was able to be there with you for all of them.
* And, don't forget that fundraising may be more violent than Count Dracula in some people's world:)
Amy said…
Awesome, pictures, please...I am trying to picture all of this and having difficulty with some of it. Maybe it's just that it is nearly midnight? At any rate, I am so happy for you. It sounds like things are going along swimmingly! Love you....
SHiNE said…
Check out pic's at the end of this album:

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