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Motivation to Tread on Trafficking

Today, I read from survivors of sexual exploitation responses to this question: "If you were face to face with God right now and He was listening to you, what would you tell or ask Him?"

May their answers break your heart as they did mine...then cause you to remember that a broken heart is worth celebrating when it changes the world. ~Broken Heart Club

"God, was I a bad child and that is why this happened to me? I know I have done many wrongs against you and I did not obey your commandments, but God, I have suffered so much and I don’t know what to tell you anymore."

"You know, Lord, I am happy because you chose me in this world to provide with trials, but also with hope. Lord...Lord I am both happy and sad I do not know why but I know that you know all."

"God, I really want to change and I ask why is it so hard for me and why does my heart seem so callous and why do I feel so far away from you...I know it’s hard to understand my prayers to you. My heart suffered too much…..I don’t understand myself….something is wrong with me that I can’t accept …….oh God help me….My prayer is all about developing my relationship with you. God, you have done many things in my life. But why, God, do I feel this feeling of loneliness in my heart. I don’t understand. Forgive me Lord please. May you guide my thoughts, heart and lips."

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