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it's a brand new day

first off, if you like to meld music with word, play Joshua Radin's "Brand New Day" as you read. we all live in a fallen world where tragedy invades the solace and perfection we endeavor to create -- a perfection that seems so fleeting, shall never exist in this fallen world, and will forever be beyond our abilities to create. we long for that Garden of Eden experience and never quite manage to get there. but we have moments, don't we? moments when the sun is shining and yes, it IS a brand new day.
i've recently taken up Crossfit with vigor and enjoy my Crossfit affiliate's daily repartees that inspire me to run faster, lift more, and complain less, pearls of wisdom often coming via our fearless leader, Lisbeth. the most recent inspiration is to eat the wolf. stop complaining, stop letting the world "eat you" and go out and hunt the wolf rather than being the boy who cried wolf. re-framing is a useful exercise, keeping in mind that this world is seen through 7B eyes everyday from 7B perspectives. you and i can change our perspectives and, wow, it's suddenly a brand new day!

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