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what i don't post on facebook

called me paranoid but i'm not posting a big announcement on facebook that i'm off to india for two weeks with John (i.e.; home unattended) so i'll post it here, instead, among friends. :)
we leave tomorrow morning.  last night, a couple friends asked if i was already packed.  i wonder, who are these people who pack two days in advance?  i'm packed with almost 12 hours to spare and i call that an achievement, even if 8 of those 12 hours should be devoted to sleep.  still, that's 4 whole hours i could be packing that i won't be.  THAT is definitely an achievement (for me).
i did a proust-style interview today (got a little distracted there as i read Proust's answers -- i wasn't so deep).  when asked what interesting fact i recently learned, i answered, "the GORUCK didn't break my foot."  keep in mind, we're trekking in india.  a broken foot would majorly disrupt our carefully laid plans.  and we don't need my foot disrupting plans because we have things like the indian airline, kingfisher, to do that.  i walked into work to find out our flight to HP is cancelled for wednesday.  anyway . . . John and i did what could be considered a mental endurance event saturday night to sunday morning.  it also involved a physical endurance aspect where we "yogged" around st. louis for 12+ hours, carrying bricks, "casualties"/people, logs, and cinder blocks.  my tough feet were no match for that physical challenge; i feared a stress fracture.  i was interested to learn my foot is NOT broken, however, and merely a tendon is strained.  thank God!
so, now we're nearly off.  i'll try not to yell at any auto rickshaw drivers.  i'll try to ignore the stares and cell phone photo-taking.  i'll try to stay tuned out of the media and avoid email at all costs.  instead, i'll try to immerse myself in the chaos and splendour of india.  i'll try to soak in every taste, smell, sound, color, and texture.  i'll try to enjoy each moment with all friends.  i'll try to relish the chance to experience india with my husband.  in typing, i'm already gearing up for a very good two weeks!


Becky B. said...

I miss you my dear friend! And am looking forward to an update on yoru trip! Love you, and enjoyed "catching up" via a few of your posts below :)

Unknown said...

ya, an update on the trip... there's something to blog about :)