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A Day in Delhi

I awoke for an 8AM concall only to learn it's tomorrow. I fell back to sleep & slept 11 hours total. I ignored the trash man's doorbell. I ignored the maid knocking on my bedroom door. My new roomie, Shelli, & I had a good heart to heart after I awoke. I'm catching up on e-mails, photos (click link on right for the latest), blogging, and work. I turned the fan/light fixture washer man away because my broken toilet ran the water tank dry last night so there was no water with which to clean. I filled up the water tank to over flowing when the water came on this afternoon. now shelli & i are planning on ordering in & enjoying the rest of our cloistered existence in delhi (umm, take a look @ the pic's if you're actually worried that we're cloistered away up here).

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