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Startup Day 479

Empowered Together's enterprise pilot is entering its final stages and here's what we've learned:

  • About 20% of my individual touch points have resulted in meeting user's needs
  • engagement of users asynchronously and with me is high
  • engagement of users synchronously and with each other is low
So what? Needs directly related to their children brings parents to the table. Community with peers could be a future benefit but it's not what's driving user behavior.

For the next month, I'm engaging in customer discovery conversations to better define the problem. I'm endeavoring to answer this question: "What is the job a parent hires Empowered Together to do?"

The answer to that question will drive persona creation, then testing the stickiness of the solution with a broader audience, and another pilot.

Over the past month, I've wrestled with this process because it feels like returning to square one. The difference, though, is that I'm equipped with a year of learnings and users AND participating in Visible Hands' Visionaries Accelerator

(Oh, did I fail to mention that? Yeah, exciting news -- I'm a Visionary! 😁)

This means I'm surrounded by expertise and resources to hit the ground running. I quell the voice that says I'm not making enough progress fast enough by reminding myself of these facts. Keeping in mind the big picture of making this world a better place for people affected by disability helps, too!

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