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look at the birds

I always intend for these posts to be brief and then verbosity overcomes me. Perhaps this one actually WILL hit the mark. I'd like to tell you a little story about a pair of sisters I know (and I just happen to be one of them). So Lisa receives this gift one day from someone that will remain nameless. It's rather an odd gift for my sister so we adopted it as the family souvenir. Sarah's going to CA? Pack the birds in her ski boot. Lisa's in CO? Leave the birds in a suit jacket. And so the joke continues.
This trip, we upped the ante. No longer were the birds left in dark, hidden places. They attained a position with a view as they proudly road atop the dashboard. Yes, they incurred headaches as we took turns a little too quickly and they careened into the windshield. But these were stalwart birds in need of names. We pulled from the nameless ranks to bestow upon them regal names befitting their upwardly mobile positions: Tweet, Chirp, & Hughie.
I thought I had "won" the game this weekend when I slyly slipped T, C, & H into Lisa's pocketbook. I must admit it was with some chagrin that I opened my car Sunday morning to find the three on my car's floor mat. But it's no use crying over being "beaten" and the birds DO deserve some respect so they are, once again, proudly positioned on the dashboard, taking in the southern views.
This was a good reminder that if God cares for the birds (Matthew 6:26), how much more will He care for us and meet our needs? I know this to be true & I get to experience it daily! With that thought, I'll sign off. Be forewarned that I might be away for some length of time but I'll be back within the month.


Anonymous said…
I'll miss you! Looking forward to your CT days,
Becky B.
Pete said…
i am still reading these from time to time. the adventure continues.
Amy Lamping said…
Sarah, you have such a could make a respectable living as a writer! I love that a white elephant gift that most would have donated to those less fortunate (and in need of avian decor) has now become a family heirloom to be passed on for generations.

I hope that one day soon I will see a blog about an international vweekend adventure with a certain friend from your grad school days!
Anonymous said…
Sarah, yesterday Charles was visiting your rental cube next to mine and I thought to myself,"what the heck is that girl up too?" So I decided to read a few stories in my down time.

You have such a talent at writing these blogs. Their like a book you don't want to put down.

Hope your doing well!! Your old neighbor co-worker says HI!!!! take care....

Rene :)
Christy Zuehl said…
Glad to see you back to your writing...
Anonymous said…
Sarah - Ihave never been exposed to blogs in my life, but after this beautiful story, I cried, I smiled, I found myself absolutely breathless. Sarah, I know you will touch many many lives, and I hope with everything in me, that someday, somehow, I will have the honor to sit in an audience to hear you in person. May God bless you, and thank you thank you thank you for your generosity of sharing yourself and your blog with me and millions others. There are not enough words to say exactly what I am feeling. The emotions are endless.
Christy Zuehl said…
Where are you? You've been quiet for so long...what's up girlie?

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