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Startup Day 703: MVP live...

It's official, you can visit to see what we've been building! It's been a long journey to get here though this is really just the beginning. Yesterday, I reflected on why I'm doing this (watch here). I want to dive a bit deeper around the concept of creating the future I want to live in with my kids.

I'm building a marketplace to connect families affected by disability with recommended businesses. I hypothesize that this will increase the rate of excellent customer experiences for People with Disabilities (PwD) -- 80% of their customer experiences are currently FAILURES! I also hypothesize that businesses will see the value in welcome PwD and society will slowly become more inclusive and accessible. Big dreams, I know, but that's the future I'm creating.

On the personal side, creating that future would be meaningless to me if my kids and I didn't get to enjoy it together. That means it's equally important for me to engage in parenting, both so that my kids turn into adults that appreciate inclusion AND so that my kids and I remain close as they age. Yesterday it hit me that building the marketplace is one side of the equation. Parenting well is the other side.

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