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Startup Day 255

I'm employing the scientific method in building my business. I just recorded a podcast where I talked about applying this method to any business issue. I start by developing a hypothesis. Then I create an experiment to test that hypothesis. At the end of the experiment, I evaluate the results and determine whether the experiment proved or disproved the hypothesis. If the former, wonderful! If the latter, I create a new experiment to test the hypothesis.

Right now at Empowered Together, I'm applying the scientific method to acquiring users. My hypothesis last month was that I could attract parents of children with special needs on social media because that's where they tend to look for solutions for their children. My experiment was to share Empowered Together primarily in facebook groups and measure how many requests to join came from those posts.

Now, I've got to back up to three years ago when I decided to eschew facebook because I recognized some negative patterns developing in my usage. When I attempted to reactivate my account, I couldn't recall the password and got locked out. I created a new account from which to manage Empowered Together's facebook page and share the link in groups. I deliberately made my personal profile public so anyone would have access to posts related to my special needs journey as a parent.

In terms of the results, I received only one request to join Empowered Together via a facebook group. What astounded me, however, are the hundreds of friend requests to my new facebook profile. I've observed two predominant categories:

1. Men from other countries

2. American women with home-based businesses

Quite honestly, neither of those categories are my primary targets right now. Sure, there may be crossover between those profiles and whom I'm trying to reach but, if their direct messages that ensue soon after I accept their requests are any indication, they're not on facebook looking for parenting solutions. In category 1, they're looking to hook up. In category 2, they're looking to sell.

I suppose humanity's "complicated" relationship with social media is why I mostly tuned it out three years ago. The good(?) news is that I was able to activate my old account so I can shut down this new one with all the "friends" looking to get a piece of me.

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