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Startup Day 119

Something I'm wrestling with is what working as a founder looks like. I spoke with an investor last week who recalls 80 hour workweeks when she launched her startup. Then she referenced the transient stage of young children like mine. Was she implying I ought not go all-out in this phase of parenting? 
Then faith kicks in and God nudges me to seek Him for the next step to take. Sure, I need to envision what 3- and 5-year plans for the business look like but the reality is in His hands. It's easy to get caught up in what others think and what the future holds. It's a lot harder, for me at least, to remain grounded in the here and now. It's harder for me to be faithful to using this day for God's glory and for good and to avoid living in the future.
There's a lot wrapped up in this struggle but it's a good one for me to engage in. It would be easy to tread the path of the workaholic founder aiming for all the investment and all the business glory and entirely leave out the real reason I do anything: for God's glory. When that same investor asked, "what do you want out of this," I thought, "God's glory." Empowered Together can communicate to parents their inherent worth as image bearers of God. It can call these parents into community where they'll find encouragement for their journeys. It can join them in bearing the burdens of parenting kids with special needs. THAT'S what I want out of this!

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