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Will, home, & special projects: an update

As promised, here are the delicious details of life post-Air Force. Our new son, William Reeves Spear, arrived April 11 -- the same day we closed on our new home at the labor and delivery wing of the hospital. Returning to CT also heralded a return to Love146 as their Special Projects Manager which has me internally innovating at one of my most favorite orgs in the world. My husband continues his military association as a SASI (pronounced sassy for Sr. Aerospace Instructor) with Jr. ROTC. The almost three year old spitfire, aka Miriam, is loving her new house with a built-in slide and all her "T-time" with her cousin. There's so much to unpack figuratively (and literally, too) related to this transition, the closing of one door and opening of many new doors, so stay tuned for more.

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