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What in the world?

Many things today lie heavy on my heart. Allow me a moment to share with you.

Rioting in Baltimore ignited by Freddie Gray's death drove me to tears. "What is this country coming to," I wanted to scream. Instead, I laid all those tears and anguish out to God. I pleaded for Love to intervene and break through the hatred, abuse, and misinformation. This kind of radical Love will transform this country -- we can be Love's agents.

In 2003, I lived in Kathmandu and hung out with street kids. Gautam and Rekha Rai served as our local host family along with their boisterous crew of biological and adopted children. Following the earthquake, Gautam sprang into action. What a blessing to be able to send some funds to help Gautam help whomever he meets in his relief efforts! Another one of our friends, Silas, is heading over this week to use his counseling and Nepali skills to provide critical incident debriefing for survivors and first responders. He will also train Nepalis in facilitating debriefings. You can support his trip by donating here and selecting "Nepal Relief" from the drop down menu.

One year ago, Love146 welcomed its youngest child into the Round Home, a place where sexually exploited girls find hope and restoration. That girl was four years old. The Round Home needs financial support to continue so John and I are participating in Love146's annual fundraiser, Tread on Trafficking. We're adding a personal touch by "Paddling on Trafficking" May 14-18 on Montana's Smith River. To learn more and support Love146, click here.

As always, thanks for reading. Now, take action, remembering the best actions begin with quiet reflection on the best actions you can take.


Mo said...

Hugs to you Sarah and thank you for providing great ways for people to get involved in making a difference. Hearing that Silas is heading over is an answer to a great concern I had. How in the world do these people recover from all they have been through; not just those who were trapped, but those who are sleeping in fields because they are too terrified to go back indoors.

Sarah Spear said...

Hugs back atcha, Mo. The internal turmoil will probably outlast the external devastation the earthquake caused. I'm with you, thankful Silas and others can minister to people's hearts.