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some hope for tomorrow

It's easy to become mired in all that's wrong with our world but today two images of hope encouraged me. They both relate to recent posts so regular readers might be encouraged by these updates, as well.

The first image I saw was of a baby rescued 22 hours after the earthquake. Seeing this photo on Facebook led to a search for this photolog of the recovery efforts. There's also a brief English summary at the bottom of the page.
The most touching two images capture a woman who must be the baby's mother. First, she stands at the front of the waiting crowd, distress clouding her face. Then she is overcome with emotion as her baby boy is recovered ALIVE!
I read another story on Kathmandu Today of a teenager safely rescued today, six days after the initial earthquake!

The next image of hope relates to my post on prayer where I shared about Elle battling a brain tumor.
Today, for the first time since Elle went into a coma almost three weeks ago,  Alli was able to hold her precious Elle. Perhaps this wouldn't have struck me so intensely if I didn't have a daughter. Gathering her up in my arms and loving her to pieces is one of the highlights of my day. What a blessing that Alli got to experience that with Elle today. You can read all of today's update here.

So while there's much to grieve, these glimmers of light penetrate the gloom and encourage us to keep hoping.

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