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I know, it's been awhile.  So here I am, last night in CT with the fam for the holidays, finally posting an update with a few photos for good measure.  Now, where to begin?

Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh
At the end of September, John and I headed to India.  We spent a week in Delhi with a day trip to the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort up the river from the Taj, and Fatehpur Sikri which was the abode of the grandfather of the man that built the Taj Mahal.  It was just what John expected in a visit to India -- so many colors, sights, sounds, and smells.  We also visited lots of old friends and spent a leisurely Sunday as I used to: going to church then having lunch with the Pillai family.  We stayed with the Pillai family in Gurgaon and enjoyed wonderful times of visiting and hearing about their recent trip to visit relatives in Kerala.
On day hike above Dhel Meadow
Evening in Dhel Meadow

Following a frenetic time in Delhi, we escaped to the Great Himalayan National Park for a seven day trek from the Sainj River Valley into the Tirthan River Valley.  Our wonderful journey was punctuated by evening campfires, a crew of five that did everything from cook meals to carry our portable toilet seat (yes, really), and a death-defying journey across a hail-covered ledge that was no wider than one's foot in some places.  This was the India that John had not anticipated and my favorite part of the trip.  One particular evening in Dhel Meadow stood out as the highlight; we enjoyed a roaring campfire, amazing food, and a view of the snow-covered Himalayas as the sun set.  It was a perfect celebration of our one-year wedding anniversary.
14-1/2 week ultrasound
When we returned to the US, we learned that I was pregnant (I'd actually been pregnant our entire time in India)!  We knew John would deploy in December for six months.  While the exciting news settled in, we also mourned the fact that John would miss much of the pregnancy.  We now pray he'll be home in time for the birth in mid-June.
Thanksgiving Day "baby photo" although I wasn't really showing yet
So there's a quick recap of life since September: India - pregnancy - deployment departure - holidays in CT.  I've enjoyed a 2-1/2 week stay with my family in CT, enjoying lots of laughter, x-country skiing, and meeting my brother's and sister-in-law's new puppy McKinley.  Time to head back to St. Louis . . .


The Hines said…
How did I miss this! :) Love it!

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