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it's beginning to feel like spring around here -- temps rising (though they never got truly cold this winter), an anticipation building for what's right around the corner, the Hine fam birthday month!
John and i have been enjoying lots of fun activities in our part of these United States known affectionately as "the Lou." we checked out the Blues v. Blackhawks hockey game last week and were treated to the hometown Blues wining against their arch rival Chicago Blackhawks to a sold out crowd. as we left the arena, fans honked their horns three times and other fans cheered back, "let's go Blues!"
we've also been exploring the culinary niche known as paleo. the most recent experiment was beef enchilada cabbage rolls. despite the sound of that, John and i agreed that this experiment was a definite success (provided you go easy on the chili powder). tonight's slated experiment is shepherd's pie. i guess the cat's out of the bag; we do more than cook eggs and chai around these parts.
yesterday, we tried out a salsa class for the first time and finally found "the glue" for which we've been searching for five long months (j/k) when our instructor told us we had to keep our hands stuck to our partner's hands "like glue."
we also checked out The Artist for our five month anniversary and highly recommend it. we finished with some delicious shakes at a local restaurant known as Bailey's Range which is one of the St. Louis Originals. we've enjoyed checking out these local foodee havens and earning points while we're at it.
that's basically a week in the life of the Spears.


J. Spear said…
And what a great week it was!

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