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a story plus more

in an effort to overcome a three week long cold, i google mapped "drug store." globe drugs popped up in my neighborhood so i decided to give it a try. as i pulled up, the handwritten signs advertising cheap booze seemed a little out of place. actually, back-up. the little girl rolling on the ground in front for the store seemed a little out of place. the handwritten signs just added to the overall effect.
i entered and it was like entering another world. like entering an emerging market, to be exact. globe drugs is st. louis' answer to the village shop where you can buy everything from cough suppressant to Christmas tree stands, from ground coffee to extension cords. boobs on a stick were a personal fav (that would be the top half of a woman, made of solid chocolate, on a stick -- who comes up with these things?). i've since returned twice for our every Christmas need and the diversity of patrons never ceases to amaze me.
check this out for our Wednesday adventure this week. our house church/small group is headed on a group outing to experience the journey to Bethlehem. i'm sure i'll have stories to share of what our friend assures us is "the real deal."
and here's a trailer for a documentary featuring, Justin, a Congolese refugee at our church who has big dreams of reconciliation.


Kelly said...

uh, yeah. that sounds like a store in pensacola where they actually sell some pretty incredible fabric. a&e pharmacy. when i pulled into the parking lot, i almost pulled right back out. the fabric part is great. the rest of the store is just laughable. whenever you make it down here, i'll have to take you so you can compare. :) don't know if they have any boobs on a stick, though.

The Hines said...

Sounds like you are finding yourselves some adventures! Can't wait to see you in CT in a few short weeks! Love you sista!