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simple things

Love won a small victory in my life today and I just had to share. You know those people you're convinced dislike you? No? Well, then, consider yourself blessed with some mixture of irresistible charm, confidence, and obliviousness because the rest of us struggle through these relational discomforts from time to time. This friction unnerves those of us who would otherwise be self-possessed individuals.
Well, today I actually had a conversation with "that person" in my life. Heck, she even asked me to help her zip up her dress after CrossFit. I could either pretend like it was all in my head and she really hadn't been avoiding me week after week OR I could claim a victory for Love breaking through the walls we humans absurdly erect around ourselves (me included!).
And thus ends my brief account of Love, oh, except for one more anecdote. John and I have embarked on adventures in cooking. We tried meat sauce with spaghetti squash last week and today I'm enjoying leftover pumpkin shrimp curry over quinoa (thanks to a recipe in Jess' Bon Appetit that was accidentally forwarded to me). Because one of the cafes John and I enjoyed on Kauai had a chef who said she cooked all her dishes with love from the heart, we now refer to these adventures as "cooking with love."

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The Hines said...

Love this! And still don't understand how you got a mag for me, when I don't even get it myself hehe...I guess maybe I got a free one since I bought a subscription for katie?