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new job honeymoon

I'm very much in the honeymoon stage with my new job so I'll take you on the journey with me. Following is a smattering of the conversations had in and around the office this week which gives you a sense of how unique and quirky our crew is.

You're doing Tough Mudder? No way! My husband and I are doing a Mud Run; you should all join us! ~Nicole, excited to have another adventurer in-house

The uterus is the center of all that is feminine. ~Steve, explaining a women's lib series his wife is listening to

Rob to Group: If you ordered Girl Scout cookies, they will be in Monday.
Steve: Yes!
Sarah to Steve: But Girl Scout cookies aren't vegan.
Steve: Oh, bugger! I'll have to wait until my 30 day vegan cleanse is over.

Steve to Group: My lunch is vegan chocolate cake.

Sarah to Marilyn: What's wine doing on the table?
Marilyn to Sarah: Oh, on Fridays someone usually makes a run to get wine for the office.

New Haven is a key location in the abolition movement. The people on the Amistad exercised right there on the Green and their fate was determined right there in the court house. ~Steve explaining why Love146 loves New Haven

And here are a few key Love146 phrases:
It's not about the role, it's about the goal.
Watching abolitionists wake up.

And, yes, we talk about the BIG problem of child sex slavery and exploitation that we're abolishing. It's a weighty subject so we interject levity when possible which enables us to press onward.

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