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Days 23-24: in the CT

Yesterday and today were consumed by a really cool organization, Love146, with which I am interviewing. Yesterday, I dove into their communication materials and pulled together a presentation on their brand's core strengths and my vision for the brand's future. The team's utter dedication to abolishing child sex slavery and exploitation inspired me.
Switching gears a bit, this evening, I set out on a fresh air crusade after my interview. Ice currently blankets the Northeast which means all our luscious snow lies under a thick, slick layer of ice that allows me to slide across the surface. This is more problematic than it sounds and probably more dangerous than conditions in Crash 1. When I wanted to break through the surface, I slid across as though it were glass. When I didn't want to break through, I sank more than knee deep into snow. I tried to perfect the butt ski method of descending hills (embarrassing to admit) and ended up running over the dog, Rocky. Since we both were injured in the process, we both decided to refrain from complaining. The best part of it all, however, was that I laughed all the way around the pond at yet another typical Hine adventure.

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