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Day 31: Last Day

What a great last day! Tim and I had another blue bird day at A Basin. I took a yard sale style fall and saw stars; then I realized my "stars" were snowflakes catching the sunlight. As I stood and continued skiing, I forced myself to face the fear of falling again, enjoying a couple more great runs. Tim and I pondered why some people have this drive or need to face down their fears.
This reminded me of an incident when I was younger. The family was in Cape Cod and Dad and I were body boarding. A huge wave lifted me up and slammed me into the sand. Visibly shaken, I started walking out to the beach. Dad told me we were going back into the water. What?! He said that if I didn't go back in, I'd always be afraid of the waves. Perhaps these kinds of influences shape the way we think and face life.
Tim, Jess, and I spent the evening reminiscing about their past year of marriage (Feb 13 is their anniversary), enjoying a lovely final dinner at Rio Grande. They re-lived highs and lows, remembering what they were doing one year ago today, and being grateful for each other. This is somewhat unconnected but one of Tim's lines this evening is worth quoting: "If I'm not alive when I wake up tomorrow . . ."

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