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Day 26: Breck's Peak 10 Does Not Disappoint

On the way to the mountains, we were listening to a song named "Beautiful." One line of lyrics reads, "you were made for so much more than all of this." As I stared at the stunning scenery of majestic, snow-capped peaks plunging to a stream covered with ice of varying shades of blue, I found it hard to fathom that anyone could be made for more than such beauty. But that's the promise we have of an eternity to come!
Tim, Jess, and I got off the bus at Breck and an iced-bearded man told us to get back on the bus and go home. "There's too much snow," he declared. Sweet! After a week of not skiing plus eight(?) inches of fresh powder, our quads were burning after one easy run. So what did we decide to do? Hit up our fav powder stash off Peak 10, of course. We had just a couple hours and figured we could burn ourselves out in the back country. True to form, the snow was amazing, lines were short, and first track opportunities were everywhere we looked. Never mind the minor details that one "run" sent us traversing through thigh-deep powder or that we got separated somewhere out of bounds. It was a brilliant day!
We finished the day with Matthew, the boy Jess nannies. All Jess' ravings about the little guy are true. Matthew is one of the most delightful, smiley tots I've encountered and we even saw him on an "off" day. Matthew's pet Rhodesian Ridgebacks were also great. Oscar, the one that usually bites Tim, became Tim's momentary best friend while Tim cooked bolognese sauce. I'm interested to learn whether Oscar returned to his aggressive ways after I left. (Update: Oscar and Tim seem to have rounded a corner in their relationship. Oscar now likes Tim.)

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