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Day 25: Traveling Ramblings

I was short on paper so here were some ideas I sketched out in The Economist on my flight back to CO:

Reading about India in a travel mag, so many memories flooded my mind -- that familiar indignant feeling that "this isn't my India. Really? Recommend shopping at overpriced Anokhi and Good Earth? Stay at the Taj Hotel Chain?" But still, there's that desire to walk those familiar streets. It's been only four months but it seems too long.

I run late to a connecting flight and am told to wait in line for my boarding pass. I'm tempted to jump to the front of the line in the Priority lane but figure that would be a rude thing to do plus waiting would do me good. Then I wait to get on the plane, then there's not enough overhead space. How easily the inner entitled princess emerges to "claim her rights." Sometimes I'm a pathetic human! Thank God that He sees us as He created us to be and not as the groveling, pitiful beings we sometimes act like.

I sat across the aisle from a precocious three year old (?) and his parents. As the boy and his father played a game, the boy kept remarking, "that's hot!" I tried to silently contain my hysterics as I wondered where a three year old picks up stuff like this. As they prepared to de-plane, the father asked the boy if he was prepared to run with him through the airport to which the boy asked, "are you prepared to walk with me through the airport?" The mother explained that they might have to run to make their connection and asked the boy if he was ready. He exclaimed, "let's do this!"

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