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"Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love." Martin Luther King Jr.

"I believe there comes a time when our children rightly ask, 'Mom and Dad, why are you giving me all this stuff?'
After we have poured into our children all the good food and shelter and clothing, after we have provided them with great education, discipline, structure and love, after we have worked so hard to provide every good thing, they turn to us and ask, 'Why have you given all this to me?'
And the honest answer from me is, 'So you'll be safe.'
And my kid looks up at me and says, 'Really? That's it? You want me to be safe? Your grand ambition for me is that nothing bad happen?'
And I think something inside them dies. They either go away to perish in safety, or they go away looking for adventure in the wrong places. Jesus, on the other hand, affirms their sense of adventure and their yearning for larger glory. In fact, he is encouraging us to affirm this calling in our children and to raise them up to be brave, to be loving and to be significant. But honestly, sometimes I just want my kids to be safe. And I think they smell my fear, and it build little prisons that can last a lifetime.
According to Jesus, it doesn't have to be that way. He gives me a role in helping my kids choose to be brave, to be loving and to be significant. In the end, this is the stuff that will change the world." (Haugen, Just Courage, 124-125)