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Day 3: $x40 and 2 tequila shots later . . .

Big Man and I headed to A Basin for my first day on a season's pass. Despite the high wind warnings (50mph) and my stupidity of not bringing a windproof top layer, winds were low, temps were moderate, and the snow was fluffy. PERFECT first day of downhill until . . . Perhaps this picture says it all but I will draw your attention to the detached right boot toe and the large crack near the ankle on the left boot. As I dropped off a cornice, I realized my right ski had detached but I couldn't figure out why since I was landing in feet of powder. Then I noticed an oddly shaped piece of neon plastic in the snow and realized the toe of my boot had broken off. It wasn't until I was safely back at the car that I noticed the huge crack down the side of the left boot. Praise God I walked away with a silly grin on my face, thinking this was the strangest thing I've ever done on skis.
At the (excellent) recommendation of a friend, Tim and I headed to Larry's in Boulder for a new pair of boots. After learning that their first available appointment was Jan 28 and that I could wait around if I wanted, in hopes of getting in, Tim and I contemplated Plan B. Then a gem of a guy, Cailey, told me he'd fit me immediately. While shopping is still my most detested activity, this was, hands down, the BEST shopping experience of my life. Within minutes of entering, we became part of repartee that would continue for our three hour visit, covering topics such as black toenails being a mark of hard core skiers and ballerinas, nude sleeping in sleeping bags NOT being optimal for warmth retention, why guys feel the need to do stupid tricks on snow mobiles, exactly how old my old skis are, the proper clothing to wear to a boot fitting, and short term pain being worth it for long term gain. Speaking of pain, Cailey decided I was going to need something to help the pain of the fitting process. Tim got hooked up with a beer but I don't drink beer so . . . enter the tequila shots. I will be the first to admit that they probably made a very painful process at least bearable. And that's how, $x40 and two tequila shots later, I emerged with a very nice pair of new ski boots.

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Unknown said...

so... they gave you beer & tequila in the shop? And agree that nudists don't win in the wild. I shall have to visit this 'Larry's' of which you speak